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Act / By-Laws / Council Rules

Legislation Overview

Our legislation, the Engineering & Geoscience Professions Act, is similar to that which applies to most self-regulating professions in all provinces and territories in Canada.

APEGNB Objectives

The objectives of APEGNB are to:

  1. Regulate the practice of engineering and geoscience and to govern these professions in accordance with this Act and the By-Laws;
  2. Establish and maintain standards of knowledge and skill among its members;
  3. Establish and maintain standards of professional ethics among its members

in order that the public interest may be served and protected.

In order to administer the legislation, APEGNB has a structure in place for the:

  • review and guidance of educational requirements,
  • development and maintenance of professional standards before and after registration,
  • adherence to ethics 
  • enforcement and discipline of members in contravention of the Act & Bylaws

With regard to the general membership services, APEGNB is involved in those things which can reasonably be expected to apply to a significant number of members, or which can benefit the organization as a whole.

These include:

  • communications (public relations, advertising, web-based marketing, event marketing, etc.)
  • liaison with other professions
  • life and liability insurance programs
  • awards and scholarships 
  • items of concern to special interest groups such as consulting practices and employee engineers and geoscientists.

For the proper functioning of any democratic administrative structure, the legislation also details things such as:

  • election procedures
  • council meetings
  • general meetings
  • committee and branch activities
  • planning and finance procedures