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Funding Guidelines

Community-Based Project Funding

Engineers & Geoscientists New Brunswick supports community-based initiatives that:

  • Raise the profile of engineering and geoscience in New Brunswick
  • Encourage young people to pursue a career in engineering and geoscience
  • Help teachers and schools expand their Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology (STEM) capabilities
  • Help students studying engineering and geoscience in university continue their education
  • Show people that engineering and geoscience improve the health and wealth of our province

Our Outreach Projects are funded annually based on a predetermined budget of the Association.

The Funding Procedure

Proposals to be submitted to:

  • Andrew McLeod, CEO (apegnb.com ) with necessary supporting documentation and including the Project Funding Request form.
  • Funding for each proposal is approved, or rejected, based on the recommendation of Outreach Funding Committee..
  • Projects are evaluated based on the criteria listed below.

Project Guidelines

The outreach project must:

  • create greater awareness of engineering and geoscience in New Brunswick;
  • promote/enhance science and math literacy;
  • contain "educational" as well as "entertainment" elements.
  • provide opportunities for publicity for APEGNB (e.g., placement of APEGNB logo, news release);
  • reach one of APEGNB’s target audiences (e.g., university and elementary, middle or high school age students with priority given to females and aboriginals of the afore-mentioned groups);

Funding Request Guidelines

In the funding request, the applicant must:

  • estimate the number of people who will be impacted by the project;
  • demonstrate that the amount of money requested is reasonable in proportion to the size/benefit of the project;
  • list other funding partners who have been approached;
  • determine who will be responsible for ensuring the project is executed as described.

Project Completion Guidelines

During execution and completion of the project, the applicant must:

  • identify APEGNB as a sponsor in any media awareness efforts (e.g., news release);
  • notify APEGNB of any publicity the project generates;
  • submit a report to APEGNB detailing the outcome/results of the project.


“APEGNB’s financial and communications support was probably the biggest factor in our event’s success. You helped us triple our event attendance; raise more than $24,000 for local charities; and show the community that engineering is a fun, exciting and people-oriented profession. Thank you.”

Bill Lamey, PEng

Chair of APEGNB Haunted Tour

“The New Brunswick team of young scientists at the 2011 Canada Wide Science Fair were showered with financial awards and scholastic opportunity after a record showing at Canada’s most prestigious national fair. We appreciate APEGNB’s continued support of NB Science Fairs. Your generous involvement illustrates your commitment to enhancing science education in the province.”

Lieff Salonius

Development Manager of Science East

“The Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS) Colloquium turned into one of the largest meetings ever. Thanks for your generous sponsorship and sharing in our success.”

Dr. Dave Keighley, PGeo

Chair, 2011 AGS Fredericton