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Engineers and Geoscientists contributing to a better quality of life


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Incorporated Name

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (often abbreviated as APEGNB)

Business Name

Engineers & Geoscientists New Brunswick (never abbreviated)


  • Founded in 1920 by Charles Conyers Kirby, P.Eng., in Saint John, New Brunswick, to regulate the engineering profession in the province.
  • Our original name was the Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick (APENB). 
  • Back then, Canada’s population was a little over 8 million people and APENB had a membership of 117.
  • As Canada emerged from World War I, the country’s engineers were hard at work perfecting radio transmissions, rockets, traffic lights, and combustion engines. 
  • In 1999, our association took responsibility for regulating the geoscience profession in New Brunswick.
  • Now, with Canada’s population surpassing 34 million, Engineers & Geoscientists New Brunswick’s ranks have swelled to more than 5500 and we license more than 450 companies to practice engineering and geoscience in the province.
  • APEGNB members work in more than 16 different engineering/geoscience disciplines—from designing and creating energy-efficient buildings and faster computers to developing high-mileage vehicles and life-saving medical devices. And that’s in addition to the work they do in ensuring New Brunswickers have safe drinking water, responsible mining practices, state-of-the-art transportation and communication systems, and renewable energy sources.
  • It is the job of their regulatory body, APEGNB, to ensure that only qualified engineers and geoscientists are licensed to do that work.


Engineers & Geoscientists New Brunswick is governed by the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act

The Act gives APEGNB the right to:

  1. regulate the practice of engineering and geoscience and to govern these professions in accordance with this Act and the APEGNB By Laws;
  2. establish and maintain standards of knowledge and skill among its members; and
  3. establish and maintain standards of professional ethics among its members, in order that the public interest may be served and protected.

To carry out our mandate, APEGNB is administered by:

Engineers & Geoscientists New Brunswick is a constituent member of Engineers Canada (representing approximately 280,000 engineers) and Geoscientists Canada (representing 12,000 members).

Community Outreach

APEGNB supports and helps fund a wide variety of community-based initiatives that promote engineering and geoscience.

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In 2007, Engineers Canada created the Engineers Canada Fellowship to honour individuals who have given noteworthy service to the engineering profession.

In 2012, Geoscientists Canada created the Geoscientists Canada Fellowship to honour individuals who have given noteworthy service to the geoscience profession.

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