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Electronic Voting for 2011 Council Election

Mon November 1, 2010

APEGNB Launches Electronic Voting

Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick is leveraging the power of the internet to achieve better election participation and results. As of 2011, APEGNB members will be able to vote for their 2011 Council on-line.

How does e-voting (web-based voting) work?

  1. Eligible APEGNB members will receive an official e-mail containing voting instructions, a web address and a unique, one-time use password.
  2. Click on the web link provided…then enter your password.
  3. After reading the online brochure featuring each election candidate, members simply “click to vote” for their choice.

I don’t have an e-mail address. Can I still vote?

Yes. Paper ballots will be available to those who don’t provide a valid e-mail address.

Will I remain anonymous?

Yes. The password (log-on credentials) are valid for one session only. Once a password is flagged as used, it is stored in a separate table from the data the member submitted, with no linkage (identifying information) between the two. The voting information and password is securely stored and/or destroyed in accordance with the Associations’ privacy policy.

Can I trust the accuracy of e-voting?

Yes! The proven accuracy of the technology makes human error and the need for a recount unlikely. However, should one be deemed necessary, the data will be made available to authorized auditors.

When does the voting start/finish?

Currently, voting is slated to begin January 31, 2011. The e-vote will end February 18, 2011, but there will be a one-week extension to allow for any late arrivals of paper ballots. (Results of the e-vote will be available the day after the voting closes.)

Why E-Vote for 2011 Council?


  • Faster!
  • Easier!
  • Greener!
  • More Accurate!
  • More Secure!
  • More Cost-Efficient!


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