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Members in Training

Enroll as a Member-In-Training

If you’ve graduated from university with your bachelor’s degree in engineering or geoscience (geology, geo-engineering, earth science, etc.), congratulations! You’re eligible to enroll as a Member-In-Training (MIT) with Engineering & Geoscientists New Brunswick.

  • If you were educated in Canada, and you are applying for MIT status, watch this video.
  • If you were educated outside of Canada or you have a non-standard degree combination, and you are applying for MIT status, watch this video.

Check out these Guidelines which will explain:

  • How to apply (Remember, you only have to complete sections marked with the number 1)
  • How to streamline your professional registration
  • What Is Acceptable Work Experience
  • How to Establish A Job Title
  • Mentor Program

Speed up your registration process by keeping a Logbook.

For more information on the members-in-training program and logbook submissions, contact:

Stamatia Baker
Program Coordinator



All MIT’s should keep a chronological, professional logbook for all the time that he/she is gaining engineering or geoscience work experience.

APEGNB Sample Logbook and Progress Report

Learn more about logbooks »

Establishing a Job Title

Only members or licencees can use the title or designation: “Engineer / Geoscientist”; “Professional Engineer / Professional Geoscientist”; or the abbreviations "PEng / PGeo” or "Eng / Geo"

Learn more about job titles »