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Job Titles

Establishing a Job Title

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (APEGNB) is responsible for the regulation of the practice of engineering and geoscience as prescribed by the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act. The objects of the Association are to regulate the professions in accordance with the Act and the By Laws, to establish and maintain the standards of knowledge and skill among its members and to establish and maintain standards of professional ethics among its members in order that the public interest may be served and protected.

Only persons who are registered as members, or non-residents who are licensed by APEGNB, may practise engineering or geoscience in New Brunswick. In order that the public can be assured that qualified individuals are practising, only members or licencees can use the title or designation: “Engineer / Geoscientist”; “Professional Engineer / Professional Geoscientist”; or the abbreviations “Eng. / Geo.” or “P.Eng. / P.Geo.”

The terms “Engineer” and “Geoscientist” are reserved for registered members.

Titles such as Junior Engineer, Graduate Engineer, Assistant Geoscientist are not acceptable.

Examples of recently revised job titles where the word “Engineer/Geoscientist” has been replaced:

  • Project Engineer / Project Geoscientist changed to Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Analyst, Project Leader, Project Specialist. Please note, “Engineering or Geoscience Specialist” is not acceptable.
  • Software Engineer to Software Developer, Software Designer, or Software Analyst. 
  • Technical Engineer to Technical Officer.
  • Junior Engineer / Junior Geoscientist to Engineering Trainee / Geoscience Trainee, or Junior Designer or Junior Field Specialist.

The department name may be used, e.g.:

  • Metallurgical Process Engineer to Metallurgical Process Engineering.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer to Quality Assurance Engineering.

It is acceptable to denote a university degree following your name, e.g. “B.A.Sc.”, “B.Sc.Eng.”, or “B.Sc.”.

The titles Member-in-Training / Engineer-in-Training / Geoscientist-in-Training or their accepted abbreviations (MIT / EIT / GIT) can only be used if the individual is officially recorded in the Member-in-Training Program with this Association.

For more information, please contact Stamatia Baker, Registration Coordinator at APEGNB; phone: 506-458-8083 or email: