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Pre-Grad Experience

Pre-Graduation Work Experience

Engineering- and geoscience-related work experience gained prior to graduation can be submitted for review to APEGNB's Board of Admissions once you are enrolled in the APEGNB Member-in-Training program provided that:

  1. The engineering or geoscience work experience is completed AFTER the mid-way point of your degree (that is, after you have completed half of your degree course load). A copy of an official university transcript must be submitted for review if we do not have one on file.
  2. The engineering or geoscience work experience MUST be attested to by a Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist during the work term. It is not necessary that the P.Eng. or P.Geo be registered with APEGNB as long as they are registered with an engineering/geoscience association. If the P.Eng. / P.Geo. is registered elsewhere, please have him / her stamp off your work with their engineering or geoscience stamp; and 
  3. The engineering or geoscience work experience MUST be documented in a format similar to the proper log book. (Available online or at the APEGNB office). This report must be stamped off by the supervising Professional Engineer or Geoscientist.

Please keep in mind that ONLY 1 YEAR of pre-grad experience can be credited towards APEGNB's MIT 4-year work experience requirement. If you decide to move out of the province after graduation, it is recommended that you find out if that province's engineering association credits pre-grad experience as not all of them do.

For more information about the Engineer-/Geoscientist-in-Training program, please contact Stamatia Baker at APEGNB, phone: 506-458-8083 or email: