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Register as a P.Eng. or P.Geo.

An engineer or geoscientist practicing in New Brunswick is required under New Brunswick’s Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act & By Laws to be registered with Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick (APEGNB).

First-time Applicants for Status in Canada

To be licensed as a professional engineer or geoscientist, applicants must:

  • be academically qualified
  • have obtained sufficient acceptable engineering or geoscience work experience in their area of qualification
  • have an understanding of local practices and conditions
  • be competent in English or French
  • be of good character, and
  • demonstrate an understanding of professional practice and ethics issues.

Academic Requirement

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in engineering or geoscience from an accredited university program or other academic or technical institution recognized by APEGNB's Council.
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  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in geoscience which meets Geoscience Canada's GKE Guidelines.

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  • Applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree which is recognized by Council may demonstrate that they are academically qualified through an examination program as assigned by the Board of Admissions - Examinations Committee.

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Experience Requirement

  • 4 years (48 months) of acceptable engineering or geoscience experience which can be attested to by a supervising P.Eng. or P.Geo.
  • 12 months of this experience must have been acquired in a Canadian environment. If the applicant has not submitted logbooks as an MIT to APEGNB, a more detailed occupational history will be required in addition to the summary page in the application.

Language Requirement

When an applicant's first language is not English or French, proof of the ability to communicate effectively in English or French, is required.

Application Requirements

The Board of Admissions require the following documents:

  1. Completed Application with all required fees and dues (Fill out all sections marked with a blue number "2".)
  2. Original transcript(s) of marks from the university(s) attended. This may be supplemented with a copy of the degree certificate.
  3. Detailed Work History
  4. Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Residency
  5. References from a minimum of 3 P.Eng's/P.Geo's who are familiar with the applicant's work
  6. Successful completion of the Canadian National Professional Practice Exam

Applications will be submitted to the Board of Admissions when all required documents are received.

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Already a member in another Canadian engineering or geoscience regulatory body?

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To apply for a licence to practice, or to transfer your membership, is simple. Just send APEGNB the following:

  1. Completed application form (Fill out all sections marked with a green number "3".)
  2. Up-to-date CV or résumé
  3. Payment of fees and dues

We will contact your home association for confirmation that you are a member in good standing.

Is your company registered to practice engineering or geoscience in New Brunswick?

If you are working in the name of a company or firm that will be providing engineering or geoscience in NB, the company may need a Certificate of Authorization for NB as well. (See the Certificate of Authorization section for more info.)

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

These applications (License to Practice, Transfer-In and Certificate of Authorization) can usually be processed with 2 to 3 business days of the competed application being received. All registration decisions are then approved by the Board of Admissions at their next meeting. First-time applications are reviewed approximately once a month, once they are complete.

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Firm Registration (Certificate of Authorization)

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If your firm will be practicing engineering or geoscience in New Brunswick, for New Brunswick, or affecting the public safety, your firm must be registered with APEGNB.


  1. Completed application form
  2. Payment of fees and dues
  3. All engineers and/or geoscientists listed on the Certificate of Authorization must be registered/licensed or in the process of registering with APEGNB
  4. Proof of Professional Liability insurance for the firm.
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Application Forms

Register yourself or your company with APEGNB.

Download application forms »