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Energy Aware Computer Systems & Network


Occasions de perfectionnement professionnel

6 septembre 2013
UNB Fredericton (Room GC127)
Professional Development

TIME: 7:00 pm

COST: ** FREE **


Dr. Erol Gelenbe
Intelligent Systems and Networks Group
EEE Department
Imperial College, London, England


ICT is becoming one of the main culprits for CO2 emissions, already on a par with air travel since 2007. Energy consumption by ICT is estimated to increase by 4% a year, despite the increasing energy efficiency of electronic and computer equipment, due to the ever increasing usage of computers and telecommunications. 

On the positive side, ICT offers the potential to manage energy more efficiently, help better match energy supply and demand, and dynamically substitute renewable energy sources in the place of fossil fuels. At the same time, one would like to think that ICT is saving energy and CO2 emissions in other areas (such as transport), by substituting on-line activities for physical activities, such as working at home rather than commuting to an office. 

But such trends are difficult to identify, while the recent economic crisis in Europe and the USA has definitely had an impact on energy consumption in industry and other fields of activity. Within ICT itself, communications represent close to 25% of energy consumption, with data centres accounting for another 20% or so, the rest being attributed to PCs, terminal devices and office equipment including local networks. This lecture will focus on the ICT aspects of energy consumption from a performance engineering perspective, and show how some of our established methods, with measurements, can be used to understand the trade-offs between QoS and energy consumption, and help reduce the energy consumption in servers and networks.

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